From the Better Late than Never Department: Your November Book of Days


Transition: Fall into Winter. This is November. And I know, it’s been November for a while; nonetheless, here is your Convivio Book of Days Calendar¬†for November. The calendar, our monthly gift to you. Sometimes it’s a little late. I was selected for a jury back in October and since then, I’ve spent most of my days in a courtroom at the Palm Beach County Courthouse. This is not good for someone who likes routine. It has pretty much thrown my life off the rails. But yesterday afternoon, things wrapped up. I walked out of the courthouse and noticed for the first time in a while that it is autumn. Not an easy task here in South Florida, but there it was, discernible in the quality of sunlight, in the feel of the air: light. At home, I was welcomed by the earthy smell of bamboo leaves everywhere on the ground, pale green and brown. Pumpkins on the porch still, Indian corn on the door.

We are a week from Thanksgiving and ahead of it St. Cecilia’s Day and St. Clement’s Day: Cecilia patron of musicians, Clement of blacksmiths and metal workers. And on the Sunday after Thanksgiving: the First Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the gentle shift toward Christmas.

Things in our catalog of interest now: Advent calendars and Advent candles. The calendars we sell are from printers in Germany, where the tradition first began. A few are from England. The German ones are just like the ones I remember from when I was a kid. I had one each Advent leading up to Christmas, and each night I would open another window, beginning on the First of December, all the way up to Christmas Eve. I’d hold up the newly opened window with a light behind to see the image glow. I still do that. The German calendars are the best, full of sparkle and light. The calendars and the candles both contribute to what we call The Slow Christmas Movement: taking things slowly, appreciating the days as they come. There are also plenty of new Christmas items in our catalog, too, and we still have a few things to add. Also new this year: FREE SHIPPING when you spend $50. You can also come see us and shop Advent and Christmas and Shaker herbs and teas directly: We’ll be at the Harvest Makers Marketplace at FAU on Sunday November 27.

Go on. Enjoy the month.