God Jul!

Today’s blog post is simply an invitation for the locals to join us at our last Christmas Market of the season: it will be a small and simple one –– a collaboration between Convivio Bookworks and Johan’s Jöe, our favorite Swedish Coffeehouse, in Downtown West Palm Beach. Friday December 16 from 10 AM to 4 PM and then again Saturday & Sunday, December 17 & 18, from 7 AM to 4 PM. Johan’s is at 401 North Dixie Highway: that’s the southwest corner of North Dixie and Fern Street. (And here’s a hint: If you approach from the east, from Flagler Boulevard and the lagoon, you’ll get to see some of our favorite local murals, which are on two tall buildings on either side of Fern Street.)

Johan’s Jöe is wonderful! The best coffee and a menu full of delicious Scandinavian foods and desserts. The place is bathed in white and there are huge purple chairs that make you feel like royalty to sit in them. The plan is for Convivio Bookworks to be there with three tables and our little weekend pop-up market will include Christmas artisan goods and gift ideas from Germany, Mexico, Italy, and, of course, from Sweden. Many other wonderful gift ideas to be found at Johan’s, too: Swedish treats, fun Fika socks, and some excellent wines, too.

Stop by for lunch on Friday, stop by for coffee after the West Palm Beach Greenmarket on Saturday, stop by after visiting Aunt Bessie on Sunday. The real challenge for me will be to wake up in time for 7 AM opening, but I promise to do my best. Merry Christmas & God Jul!



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  1. mary beth shipley says:

    Sounds wonderful! Wish we were there to enjoy! Merry Christmas!

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