Roses, or Your May Book of Days

At the close of last Friday’s edition of Real Mail Fridays, the weekly online Zoom social I host for the Jaffe Center for Book Arts each Friday from 2 to 5 Eastern, artist Maria Surducan, who was tuning in from Romania, asked if we were all off on Monday for May Day. I had to explain that no, May Day was not a big deal here in the States, and not even acknowledged as a holiday, really.

But certainly some of you celebrated, and I hope you had a lovely Walpurgis Night and a fine May Day, too. And here, now, just a bit belated, is your Convivio Book of Days Calendar for May. Cover star: Roses, painted by Renoir. It’s a gorgeous painting and that alone is worth clicking for. And I will leave it at that. It’s late; I’m going to have a cup of English Breakfast and go to bed. Maybe I’ll dream of roses, and maybe you will, too.

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Image: “Roses” by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Oil on canvas, circa 1912, Barnes Foundation. [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons.


4 thoughts on “Roses, or Your May Book of Days

  1. Kathleen Maugeri says:

    Roses! Perfect! Such a metaphor for us right now….beauty and thorns, sun and rain, color and deep green…life is amazing. I am healing from knee replacement surgery..grueling…thorns for sure. But your writing reminds me to see the beauty and color and hope there is in the world. Stay well friends. Your words are a balm.

  2. mary beth shipley says:

    Thank you!

    I love the “Icemanner” days too… even here in Texas and hopefully you in Florida, can get a little cool snap, it has happened here frequently. I recently read that they were able to find some historical documents in Europe that backed up the folklore!

    I agree with everything Kathleen said, and I pray that she makes a swift and complete recovery from her surgery.

    • John Cutrone says:

      Oddly enough, Mary Beth, we have noticed over the years slightly cooler temperatures around the time of Cold Sophie and the Ice Saints, even here in this most summery land. Nothing major, mind you… but here even subtle dips in temperature are appreciated, especially as summer gains its foothold.

      Thank you!

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