St. Walpurga, or Your April Book of Days

Welcome to April and to your Convivio Book of Days Calendar for April! It is late, but hey, let’s embrace that belatedness that is part of what makes Convivio Bookworks, well… Convivio Bookworks. Perhaps someday, when I can devote all my time to this venture, things will be more timely… but I suspect you’d miss the old version of me who is constantly running late. Efficiency is very alluring but there is a certain charm to someone who is constantly running just a step or two ahead of (or behind, in my case) the clock. You’d miss that if I suddenly became efficient.

My only regret about this month’s belatedness is I missed reminding you (or warning you, as such the case may be) of All Fools’ Day on the First of the Month. If you were successful with a great trick, or if you fell victim to a trick that was particularly brilliant, I’d love to hear about it (comments below, please). Seth and I both got through the day un-tricked this year, but I do love a nice subtle trick (like gluing shut the cap on the toothpaste tube, or gluing the toilet paper to itself so Seth can’t find the end). But this year, what with Easter just the day before, All Fools’ Day was practically done before I even remembered what day it was.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this month’s calendar. Our focus this month is the day (or night, actually) that closes the month. It is a night not much celebrated here in the States, but me, ever the champion of the underdog, I will be celebrating (as will Seth, by default) and if you’d care to join us, well, it’s a wonderful night that is the opposite spoke in the Wheel of the Year from Hallowe’en: It is Walpurgis Night, or the Eve of May, or St. Walpurga’s Eve. May Day comes on the First of May, as does St. Walpurga’s Day, and it is the day, traditionally, when we shift toward welcoming summer. Not by the almanac, mind you… but by traditional reckoning of time, and I am a big fan of reckoning time in a traditional manner.

Our cover star this month is a 1918 oil painting by Louise Upton Brumback called “May Day, Boston” [Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons].

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3 thoughts on “St. Walpurga, or Your April Book of Days

  1. Mary beth shipley says:

    Great hearing from you! Happy April! Thank you for the beautiful calendar and gorgeous painting!

    My husband and I have our 40th wedding anniversary April 14. we chose April because we knew it would be beautiful weather in Texas. And it was!

    Another event I like to celebrate is The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. I enjoy reading the poem and thinking about all the excitement of the times. Would love to go to the Old North Church on the anniversary.

    I’m definitely interested in celebrating the Eve of May! Thank you for the information. Hope you and Seth thoroughly enjoy the evening fires and the next day!

    • John Cutrone says:

      Hey Mary Beth, we wish you a happy anniversary on the 14th (that’s the same day my paternal grandparents were married, but in 1912… so I’d say you’re in good company) and a lovely springtime in Texas. Is it true what Nanci Griffith sings (that it’s the only place on Earth blue bonnets grow)?

  2. mary beth shipley says:

    Hi John what a neat coincidence about the wedding anniversaries! I love it!

    Well, even if bluebonnets grow somewhere else they’re probably bigger in Texas. Lol.

    Lots of tornadoes tonight. I’m praying for all the people and animals in the path throughout the country.

    Looking forward to all of your summer posts!

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