Daily Archives: February 22, 2018

Some have Entertained Angels Unawares


Welcome to Concordia. It is a feast day of the Ancient Roman calendar falling on the 22nd of February, in which folks reconciled their differences over a good meal. That’s it, pure and simple: A gathering around the table with the purpose of breaking bread and sharing wine in order to make amends and to settle all disputes that cause discord. Harmony is the goal.

I’ve used this image before, but tonight, for some reason, it strikes me as particularly poignant. It’s a watercolor by Edward Clifford, and I’ve named today’s Book of Days post after it, for I love the painting and the idea behind it. You never know who you’re talking to… so why not strive for harmony as often as possible?

Image: “Some have Entertained Angels Unawares” by Edward Clifford. Watercolor, late 19th century. [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons.