Daily Archives: July 1, 2017

Hello Sunshine: Your July Book of Days

It’s the First of July: Canada Day and my birthday, and maybe this explains why folks often think I’m from there. (I’m not, but I was a speech therapy kid when I was in elementary school, and I wonder if my attempts at good diction make me sound Canadian.) We’re also on the cusp of the Dog Days of Summer, those days ruled by Sirius, the dog star, traditionally considered the hottest part of the year.

On this First of July I come with our monthly gift to you… and so here is your Convivio Book of Days calendar for July. Sol, or sun: this is our cover star for the month, for it is hot as blazes here in Lake Worth these days and the sun is strong. This sun image hangs on our back yard fence, hidden by the guava tree for the most part. But every now and then I’ll bump into it, like I did yesterday, and I remember that Arthur Jaffe gave us this sun image when he moved from his home to a smaller place. It’s nice to run into reminders of old friends, no? So maybe this is what July should be about, for all of us. Reconnecting, in one way or another.