Bees Abuzz, or Your May Book of Days

Here is your printable Convivio Book of Days calendar for May. Cover star: one of the many bees that love to gather nectar from an unidentified wispy flowering tree in our back yard. Stand near it, and you can hear the activity. With all that’s going on in the world, still the bees simply buzz and go about their business. Pure and simple: reminders like this are good. And I will leave you with that, and wish you the very best.

Visit with me each Wednesday! We broadcast Book Arts 101: Home Edition via Facebook Live from the studios of Convivio Bookworks each Wednesday at 3 PM Eastern Daylight Time. You’ll find the live version at the Facebook page of the Jaffe Center for Book Arts, but then I post it to the Convivio Bookworks Facebook page soon after the broadcast is done. Each episode runs about 30 minutes. Last week, it was a love letter to Lake Worth, our home town. This week, the plan is to get back to basics, back to books, and back to some early influences. Each episode is an unscripted ramble through books and craft and whatever else crosses my mind, all based in the things I find at home. This Wednesday will mark the sixth broadcast. You can find the first five at our Facebook page, but also archived at the homepage of the Jaffe Center for Book Arts.

Be healthy, stay home if you can. That’s what Seth and I are doing. I’ll write as often as I can.


5 thoughts on “Bees Abuzz, or Your May Book of Days

  1. Dee, Missouri says:

    Staying home. If I wasn’t here to live through it, I surely would not believe that we could or would do this. It isn’t easy and there is some grumbling about it. But, overall, most people are going along with it. Sheltering at home is the best thing to do for all of us. Everyone’s life has been impacted by this pandemic.

    I’ve heard and seen the many thank you tributes to medical and essential workers. They all have my highest regards,too.
    We can’t do without them. Bless them, every one of them.

    I want to thank each one of you, too. Thank you for caring about all of us. Because you care, we’re going to get through this. We may not be the same as we were before, hopefully we will be even better. You are all essential to me.

    • John Cutrone says:

      Dee, I’m going to pass this along to include all Book of Days readers (which I feel is your intention, too), because I certainly feel that way, too. Everyone: please stay safe and please stay well.

  2. Bernice Strul says:

    “Were all those butterflies right in my backyard and I had just not noticed before?” This is what I think each morning as I look through the kitchen widow and see them visiting the butterfly bushes which are over-grown now. Each morning I wait and each morning I notice that just one butterfly appears and then it looks like dozens are flying around.I have been teaching preschool from my virtual classroom right in my kitchen. Preschool & virtual school are really an oxymoron. Right?
    So thanks for noticing those bees who keep on buzzing. nature does just fine without human intervention. Maybe much better.

  3. Bernice Strul says:

    PS After the initial panic of learning to Zoom and negotiate all the tech stuff that is, at the best of times, not my favorite thing, I am finally feeling a kind of peace settle in. My creative juices have been flowing and I even made up a perfect character to teach my students about wearing masks, washing hands etc.
    The ps was just to tell you that after four years of not wanting to touch clay I am envious of your pottery. And I even thought of your mango tree as I stole one on my walk in the neighborhood. You and Seth take care too.

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