Daffodils, Leeks, & Your March Book of Days

If you should see someone wearing a daffodil or a leek on his lapel today, that’s because it’s St. David’s Day, sacred to Wales, and leeks and daffodils are part of the tradition for the day. While I do love leeks, I can’t quite imagine wearing one on my lapel. St. David’s Day ushers in March each year, and this year, March ushers in Lent. It’s a few more days of carnival parties, which will all culminate on Tuesday, which is Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday. There will be pancakes for supper that night, and then the next day, it will be Lent. It’s a busy week to come.

But here on this St. David’s Day, this First of March, comes now your Convivio Book of Days calendar for March. It is, as usual, a printable PDF that you can print out on standard US Letter paper. It’s a fine companion to the blog. The month’s cover star is some billowing Florida grass, harbinger of spring… which will be arriving later this month. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Daffodils, Leeks, & Your March Book of Days

  1. Teri says:

    If you have never been a beautiful trip is the Daffodil Festival on Nantucket! A fabulous trip before the crowds arrive 😊

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