St. Distaff’s Day: An Address by Henry W. Kent

Some folks wanted to read the content of the lovely little chapbook that was featured in the last chapter of the Convivio Book of Days, the chapter about St. Distaff’s Day and Plough Monday and Copperman’s Day. Searching online, I was surprised to find no digital copies of it. So I photographed each page tonight for you and here they are. It’s a short read.¬†Clicking on each image will give you a larger version. Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “St. Distaff’s Day: An Address by Henry W. Kent

  1. Dee says:

    I enjoyed reading about the ladies. Thank you for posting this.

  2. I enjoyed reading the fine booklet. Thanks for sending along.

  3. Marjorie Hollis says:

    Thank you, John. It was a delightful read. Kudos to Mr. Kent (and to you, too) for highlighting the female book workers who did such lovely work.

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